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i must makes this clear in my version hansel and gretel are 14 (cause i'm 14 and i can write from that point of view) and  are not siblings and have dating for a year ok?  lets get started

One day hansel and Gretel were sitting at the lunch table of the boarding school  they went to when all of a sudden the loud speaker went on saying" FROM NOW ON there will only be sweets and candys of such served at lunch. there will be no athletics department anymore. also boys and girls can now share rooms. good day" hansel was the first to speak" they want to fatten us up it sounds lol" hansel wasn't much for sports and was already a little chubby not much but enough to make him softer than most of the football players and health nuts at school. Gretel on the other hand was very thin. she didn't like sports much either but she didn't eat much. in so she didn't much in the female part to offer  hansel bbut he still loved her. hansel wanted gretel to  gain a bit and this new lunch at school was perfect. hansel had talked to the school  so he and gretel now shared a room to he's delight. that afternoon  hansel  had decided to get gretel to binge tonight no mater wat. "gretel i brought up some  stuff  from downstairs and i can't eat all will you help me?" gretel was hungry so she said yes thinking it was a slice or two of cake. was she wrong  hansal had brought up wat looked like a bakery which all the sweets and pastries to eat. "hansel i don't think i can eat all that" but before she knew it hansel had a piece of chocolate cake covered in hot fudge in her mouth. gretel had never tasted anything so good. she took it from he's hands and finished it in seconds.   hansel had placed the food around her and watched her binge for the first time ever. gretel  could fell her uniform skirt get tighter around the waist but she didn't care. she had not let her self have any of this and now her boyfriend was letting her eat it and letting her get fat. gretel had always wanted to be fat but her family never let her. she could fell her blouse getting tighter. after about 2 hours of eating cakes,ice cream, candy, fudge(her favorite and mine^^), and pastry after pastry gretel was getting full. "hansel i can't eat anymore "she moaned laying back on the bed. gretel hadn't realized how bloated her stomach was till she had to look up over it to see hansel. hansel couldn't resist eating some or alot too and when he leanedd over her she could tell he was really bloated too." i've never seen u eat so much. you even have crumbs in your hair." hansel said before he started to kiss her. "you know gretel we could do this every night. eat till we are about to burst, make out if you want" gretel stared at him was he wanting fat did he  want to get fat." hansel are you sure? if we eat like this   every night we'll be the fattest kids in school"  so i already am. i like being chubby but i want to gain more and  i want you to gain with me. i love you but i think you'll be even more beautiful with something on your bones. but i want do this anymore if you don't want to." hansel looked down at his feet as he sat on gretels bed. "i want to get fat too" gretel said nd leaned forward to kiss hansel. " well we got of spring break so we can just sit in our room and do nothing but eat" gretel smiled at hansel. for the next two days  all hansel and gretel did was sleep and eat. they called room service when ever they ran out of food. the staff had been  seeing  students stuffing them selves all break they thought it must be a fad. on the third day gretel popped her skirts three buttons all at the same time. hansel was staring at her with fudge going down he's chin. he hadn't realized how much she was gaining. he noticed her shirt was missing the middle buttons and her bra was starting to strain. gretel was taking off her skirt and noticed her panties where tight on her expanding butt. she looked at herself in the mirror" i can't believe i've gained so much in a few days." gretels body in did had changed her boobs were pushing c cups she had a nice bubble butt and a cute tummy. she wasn't fat but chubby. hansel couldn't keep he's eyes off her body. before he knew it gretel was eaning over him with a doughnut in her mouth. he bit into it and tasted jelly yum. gretel started to kiss him and feel he's new fat rols. hansel was not chubby anymore he was fat and loved it and so did gretel. spring break was extended till the end of the month.

  the now fat gretel and even fatter  hansel walked into class monday and wer shocked to see every skinny cheerleader and jock were  FAT.  gretel whispered in hansel ear" they must've done wat we did". just then the bell rang for class to start. when every one sat done at the same time all the chairs collapsed under the new weight. there teacher just stared and said " look in your desks and eat for the rest of the class." the students did so and unknowing to them were being watched with hungry eyes in the distant.
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Write more pleassssseeeee
secretfatwisher Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2014
sorry I haven't wrote in years and now in college. I may try now but no plans for anything soon. Thank you though.
CordeliaChan Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Shame, still hope you do 
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lol yeah
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ok i haven't write in awhile and if i have any fans srry. if i have any critics tell me wat to do. i know the weight gain over time was fast but its susposed to be like a spell or something
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